Drawing Pictures and Writing Code: What I do For the BSG
An update on what Ive been up to as the BSG Communication Director
Keith Laubhan
Apr 2nd 2010

In an effort to create a little content for this fledgling site, and to keep the membership in the loop with what Ive been up to for the BSG, Ive decided to write this blog entry detailing what Ive worked on so far as your Communications Director.

First, a bit about me--

Im a visual artist and marketing specialist thats worked in a variety of disciplines over my 10-year career. From graphic design to copywriting, animation to web development, and seemingly everywhere in between, Ive got a pretty wide array of experiences that I hope to leverage on behalf of the club. My hope is to help us stay up-to-date, organized, and constantly spreading the word about our accomplishments.

Im a Denver native and a huge sports fan, but Ive only recently become a fan of soccer. The sport first caught my interest when I saw an Arsenal game back in 2002. The intricate passing and dynamic play of the team reminded me of my favorite elements of the sports I grew up enjoying, and turned me into an established Gooner since. Their "Invincibles" run in 03/04 galvanized my affection for the team and the game, but whats really kept me coming back for the last 8 seasons is the passion that surrounds the sport. Nowhere has that been more clear than my time at The Bulldog. Ive had so much fun celebrating (and occasionally lamenting) with my fellow-Arsenal fans, enjoying some friendly (and not-so-friendly) banter with supporters of Spurs, ManU, and Chelsea, and learning lots about my adopted favorite game from those of you that have been passionate about it your whole lives.

To be honest, Ive never really followed the Rapids prior to this point. I had been to a handful of games over the years at Mile High and Invesco Field, but never really got the sense of atmosphere that I had been looking for. As I became a regular at the pub, Jon Forget invited me to join in on a couple bus trips down to DSG Park, and I was hooked.

Its not that the on-field showings were great (they werent), or that the atmosphere in the crowd was excellent (it wasnt). It was the camaraderie of drinking beers with a bunch of great folks who have a passion for the game and want to see it really succeed here in our area. The enthusiasm was infectious, so here I am-- ready to help get this club off the ground with you guys!

When Jon told me about what he was hoping to establish and asked me to help out, I knew the first thing we would need is a logo. A symbol to put a face on the organization has plenty of practical uses that I could speak all sorts of marketing mumbo-jumbo about, but in addition, I knew it could be an icon that we could rally our efforts around. Something as simple as a logo adds a little bit of legitimacy around an organization, and I couldnt wait to help out with designing one.

I did several rounds of sketches, eliminated some, refined others, and ultimately created a few concepts to present to our foundation team in our first meeting. I took some input back from Jon and the rest of the team, applied it to the final version, and distributed it for use.

I wanted it to be a little bit British Bulldog Pub, a little bit Colorado Rapids FC, very football-ish, and something cool that we could use for a long time.

Once the logo was finalized, we had a couple immediate uses for it. Flags and shirts are things wed all like to have for the games, so I immediately got to work on those so wed have them sooner than later. There will be other paraphernalia that we use it on as we go along, but as were rolling around the grounds at games, shirts and flags would certainly be an opportunity to announce our presence.

For the flags, Jon had a pretty clear vision of what he wanted? Traditional. We decided to go with checkerboards and Union Jacks to honor the heritage of the game, in Rapids colors and emblazoned with our mark. Im thrilled to see the final products, and hope that they will make it painfully clear who we are when people see us in the terraces.

The other big project that I had to embark on was our internet presence. Anyone whos ever tried to put together a big, highly-useful website can attest that its no easy task, and that it gets time consuming very quickly. In an effort to start spreading information quickly, we established a Facebook profile and a Twitter feed, an well continue to use those sites to spread information in conjunction with this site. Feel free to join our networks if you havent already.

As for BulldogSupporters.com, we reserved the domain and I went to work. Ive got big plans for the site that will take months to implement (its a shame my day job gets in the way!), but for now weve got the base functionality in place. I encourage you to poke around and discover what we already have up, and to keep an eye out for new features and information to spring up as the season progresses.

This site is designed to be a tool for you, our members, and as such, Im open to any and all feedback, ideas, and opinions. The great thing about the website is that its capable of constantly evolving, and while I cant promise that every suggestion will be immediately implemented, I can promise that every idea will be thoughtfully considered. Drop me a line at webmaster@bulldogsupporters.com and let me know what you think!

Thanks for spending time on the site, for your enthusiasm in the sport, and for your company at the pub and the matches! I think its going to be a great season for the BSG and our team.

Cmon you Rapids!

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