Game Recap: San Jose v Colorado
Benjamin looks back on the Rapids loss to the Earthquakes
Benjamin Kowalsky
May 2nd 2010

Wondo was offside.

Thats not an opinion, thats a fact.Wondolowski was offside and San Jose was handed their lead on a silverplatter by a timid linesman. Now, as to why other soccer blogs are notreporting this, or why they seem to think this is merely opinion orconjecture is beyond me. If a guy gets an offside goal, it behoovesthose of us talking about the match to make mention of that.

That being said, I thought the Rapids put in a damn decent roadperformance. They had the lions share of the possession. I think itended up being something like 80-20. And they were able to createchances up the middle, down the wings, and pretty much everywhere else,but were not able to finish.

In fact, Im willing to say that our finishing was just as poor asSan Joses. If you look at it, San Jose got a goal on a poor offsidecall, which Conor Casey equally could have gotten (as he made a goalfrom offside). But saying that our finishing is as good as San Joses isnot saying much in that match.

In the end, the Rapids looked like the better team, but got caughtwith a bad call and were unable to come back from it. Even though ourteam dynamic seems better than its ever been, our passing is great, andour ability to shut plays down and turn them around is still great,its now down to being able to finish. That seems to be the last pieceof the puzzle for the Rapids.

Did anyone have a particularly good day? Hard to say.

Jeffand Pablo were doing very well to cut chances out and play the ball backup into the half. I dont think theres any question of who won themidfield battle there. Mehdi, at some points, looked like he was keepingus in the game and creating chances. Wells looked dangerous as usual.He had a fantastic run on goal to get us back into the game. For somereason hes finding his stride with Colorado. But finishing, finishing,finishing. Omar was a bit disappointing. For some reason he just did nothave the magic that he usually does. This could be due to the San Jose defense, but some of his usually fantastic footwork and control just wasnt having its desired effects. Sometimes I was caught wondering what he was doing.

Danny and Kos looked more like wing midfielders thanactual defensive backs. Danny got a great little shot off, but sadly itwas snuffed by Joe Cannon. I think hes one of those players who isimproving and impressing more with each game. Drew and Marvell werestaying back for most of the game. Wynne is looking like a great signingfor us, still. His athletic ability was our saving grace on many ofthose quick San Jose counter attacks I was talking about. Drew was theone who got caught with that terrible offside goal call. And when Iwatched the replay it looked like Drew believed that there was going tobe a whistle for the offside on Wondo. In the split second when hebacked off the guy, he shot and scored. Its a tough thing to deal with,but it looked like Drew got right back in the game after that and wascreating some decent possession and moving the ball forward.

Conor Casey was not having a good day either. He was getting shovedaround (which hes not used to, Im sure) and he wasnt able to finishoff some of the opportunities that came for him. Especially with regardto the headers he could have had. They just didnt have the power to getpast keeper Joe Cannon.

On the subs, the only one that had me scratching my head was JulienBaudet for Danny Earls. Not because I didnt think Baudet should havecome in; on the contrary, San Jose was pushing our guys all over thefield and getting really physical, and thats when you need a guy likeBaudet to keep the Quakes in check. Jeff was having a great game, but weneeded a goal, and Claudio Lopez looked to be the guy to create moreoffensive opportunities. Quincy for Omar was a similar thing. Neededmore energy in the offense, and Omar wasnt having a good day.Unfortunately, San Jose had closed ranks at that point, so theopportunities were few and far between.

San Jose did not look great that game, which still adds to themystery of why we cannot beat them. Their strategy seemed to be onewhere they sit back and absorb the build up, hope for the Rapids to makea mistake, and then give a good strong counter punch.

I heard some reactions to this match were, well, not positive to saythe least. "Boring" was a word used a lot. To be honest, I wasntbored, but I thought that both teams overall were lacking something.Colorado on finishing, and San Jose on build-up and flow. Colorado isone of those teams that oft gets accused of "playing the long-ball" andwhile there was some of that (come on guys, theyre allowed to takeRoute One every once in a while) the focus has shifted to build upthrough careful passing. Which really makes for a much better game towatch. San Jose had a bit of that, but opted more to go Route One and,like I said, gave a good strong counter-punch when the opportunityarose.

In the end, I think all the Bulldogs were disappointed by thisresult. Disappointed in the poor call, but I think more disappointedthat the Rapids could not come back from going a goal down. In the end,this was a team that the Rapids should have beaten, but didnt. Wellsee how they recover and improve in the coming days so that they cangive the Galaxy what for.

Ill see you Bobbies next week at the game!

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