Rapids Fall one-nil to the Galaxy
Bens Offical Bulldog Match Review (horribly late) of the Galaxy on Cinco de Mayo
Benjamin Kowalsky
May 13th 2010

There seems to be some debate as to whether or not the Rapids lookedgood or bad. Ill settle it: the Rapids looked good, but the Galaxylooked better.

And its a hard thing to call. I think the Rapids still show greatcharacter and resillience. They truly played their hearts out in thesecond half. One of The things I was most impressed with was just thesheer amount of heart and hard work that I saw from the team from thetime after the Galaxy scored all the way into the final seconds of thegame. I dont think at any point the guys played like they knew theywould lose. Thats a huge change from last year.

Last year, if you got the opening goal on the Rapids, they just kindof gave up. Against LA, no such thing happened. Their win was no surething by any means.

That all being said, the Rapids were passing themselves to death.While Im loving our new style of play (focus on posession, control,and great passing) we just arent finishing in the final third. Itslike Gary Smith put Arsene Wenger on speed dial. While Im not sayingi think we are anywhere near Arsenals level, I had the samefrustrations that Im sure Arsenal fans had about mid season after VanPersie got taken out. Passing the game to death. I dont know howArsenal fans actually feel, I can only guess from observing thebehavior of these strange bipedal mammals.

In the terraces, I can recall hearing "shoot the fucking ball!!!" morethan anything. The choices in the final third, the finishing choices,ranged from questionable to downright incompressible.

Gary Smith needs to take his boys back to school on how to behave inthe final third. Bring in a new coach. Do whatever youve got to do tosolve this problem. Because while we had a fantastic show against theRevs, we did not pass the Galaxy test. A for effort, but we wereeclipsed by their techinal skill.

I dont like assigning numbers to players performances, Ill justwrite a few sentences about what I thought about each of them. As awhole, the team had wonderful heart and spirit, but just got outclassed.

Matt Pickens: Pure class. Against the most dangerous offense in thegame, he stood up and made some fantastic saves. He and Julien Baudetkept Edson Buddle from getting any more goals.

Matt Pickens Beard: Still glorious.

Danny Boy: Danny was fantastic at chasing LA down, but he was makingsome really dissapointing decisions. He kept passing the ball to Wellswhen he had the space to make his own run on goal. I dont know ifWells was just being a ball hog or something, but it made Danny looktoo timid. Hes got the stuff, though.

Drew Moor: Drew played out wide, and just as always, we can depend onhim to put in a top class performance. He was great on both ends ofthe field. But he did miss a great chance on goal.

The Beast: Baudet made the case tonight why he should have a startingspot in our central defense. He was something else. Dangerous on bothsides of the pitch, like Drew. Had possibly the most epic clearance ofall time when he cleared a ball from the feet of Edson Buddle while ONHIS BACK. Who does that? The Beast cannot be stopped.

Marvellous Wynne: What cant you say about the man who containedLandycakes? If we had anyone besides Wynne, we would have lost thisgame by a much higher margin. Marvell switched out to RB at the halfand did exactly what I wanted Danny to be doing: making runs up thefield. I was stunned by his speed. Just utterly in awe.

Jeff Larentowitz: hit or miss. Sometimes just brilliant, other timesjust questionable. Still had the occasional great tackle or cheekypass, but whiffed shots. Still has the characteristic awareness which makes him one of our most valuable assets.

Pablo Mastroeni: playing Pablo and Jeff up more forward was the bestidea Gary Smith has had all year (since deciding to play Marvell Wynneat Center Back). Pablo has come to life. After that first LA goal, hegot the whole team back into the game and pressed the attack into LAterritory. However, same problem in the final third. Questionabledecisions.

Wells Thompson: was not feeling Wells this game. He just wasnt asdangerous as he normally is. Hed take a pass from Danny and thenwaste good posession by giving the ball away, or just not moving theball up the field.

Colin Clark: was this the glorious return of Colin Clark? No. I thinkhe played well, probably up to par with his previous performances, buthe hasnt improved. He got in a great cross to Connors feet, which Connor skied, but thats something he was doing before, only more consistently.

Mehdi: Mehdi is like the Rapids themselves, sometimes brilliant, othertimes bone-headed (no matter the effort he puts in, which wasconsiderable). Hes in possibly the most important offensive positionof all, and hes got to step up his game and make sure he succeedsthere. That means more good shots, and most importantly, making betterdecisions as to who to feed. Has no problem getting into good areas,though, and getting himself into space.

Claudio Lopez: for the record, he gave me a high five. Two thingsabout him, he has a brilliant mind and a fantastic sense, but I dontthink he has the physical ability yet to carry out and make that mindhave a real impact on the pitch. We need a mind like his, but we alsoneed a physical presence. Not sure if we are ever going to get bothfrom him.

Omar: Omar really wanted to net a goal on Ricketts. Had the best shot of the night which gave the LA keeper some stining palms. But in the end He was denied thistime. Hisform was back, which was great to watch. But for some reason he keptflying out really far to the touchline. Possibly to draw defenders?Anyway, he created some great chances, but the goal of the night for him was turned into the save of the night for Ricketts.

Casey: Conor had a great chance, possibly the best of the night, buthis final touch went straight into Bobbyland. Thanks for the ball,man, but wed be happier with the back of the net. That pretty muchdefined the night for him. Blown final touches. Hes got to work onthat. Colorado needs its goal scoring machine.

The Bobbies

A note on drummers: either youre with us or youre against us.Really! Wed love it if you played along and kept the beat of ourchants going, but when youre playing something totally off beat fromwhat we are chanting... It makes our chants suck and not catch on.

So please drum with us! Thats what I am trying to say here.

I think the energy rose or fell with the Rapids. There was this orgreat moment when I shouted out "we need to score a goal!!" and thensomeone shouted back "WE WILL!!!" it was great because at that momentWynne made a dash and layed it off to Cummmings who fed Casey thatgreat chance. I dont know.

Much drinking was done, many songs were sung. In the end, it was aloss that I think we can live with and take some lessons from.

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