Davy Armstrong
Hey Rapids fans, heres what we know SO FAR about Davy Armstrong
Benjamin Kowalsky
Aug 15th 2010

The Rapids are going to announce their first ever Academy product signing--Davy Armstrong--tomorrow.

Its a spot of sunshine on what is otherwise a fairly dark time for our beloved Burgundy Lads. Armstrong has been with the Academy since they threw open their doors in 2007. Since then, hes been on quite the wild ride. He even got the opportunity, in 2008, to play with Zinedine Zidane himself.

I dont know the details of the contract, but it appears that the University of Washington already has a player page prepped and ready to go for Davy, so there must be a clause in there where he can still go to college and yet avoid being in the godawful spectacle of American Soccer that we call the "Superdraft".

Im not saying its Godawful because it doesnt get us good players or anything. Surely, Ross and Andre have really found their way into our squad, and someday will make first team once some spots free up... but its awful because the Superdraft just reminds me every year of how far American Soccer has to go before we have an Academy-exclusive system.

And as an added bonus, guess what position young Armstrong plays?


And Academy products are getting better and better each year. I need only point to the magnificent Andy Najar from DC United and what hes been able to do to re-energize that team. Granted, DC United is still horrible, and they still have a long way to go until they get their glory days back, but having a good Academy says a lot for where a club is going.

So congratulations to Davy Armstrong and his family. And the Bulldogs welcome you to DSG Park!

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