Preview: Rapids v Houston (just the numbers, please)
Heres some statistics and a prediction for the game
Benjamin Kowalsky
Aug 28th 2010

So were going to be there in a few hours, lets just go through some numbers. Lets see if Im right!

First, lets compare offenses:

Rapids: 21 Goals, from 72 Shots On Goal, and 198 Shots taken overall.

Dynamo Houston: 27 Goals, from 70 Shots on Goal, and 206 Shots Taken overall

Its really hard to separate our guys from their guys offensively. But where it really comes down is on goals scored. Houston simply has more. They also take more shots overall, but a greater percentage of those shots are totally off target. Though I think wed be really splitting hairs there.

Houston have a slight advantage, they take two fewer shots and yet have 6 more goals. But we also have a slight advantage that our Midfield is creating better chances (as evidenced by the Shots on Goal/Shots taken overall.

Really too close to call here. Lets check defense.

Rapids: Shots on Goal Against: 73. 55 Saves.

Houston: Shots on Goal Against: 86. 55 Saves.

This is crucial. Houstons defense allows more shots on goal. The Rapids have allowed 13 less shots on goal than Houston. That means that our Defense (probably owning to two defensive midfielders) is better at shutting down good chances from resulting in a good shot on goal. Pickens has also had more saves than Onstad, but thats immaterial compared to the defensive numbers. Less chances created = Less goals.

The Rapids have a slight advantage in chances created, but (as has been the case all season) a pretty severe disadvantage with regard to goals actually materializing. Houstons advantage is pretty clear there.

But advantage is almost completely annihilated by the Defensive numbers. Houstons numbers show that their Midfield isnt as good at creating chances, and our Defense is good at shutting down chances before they turn into a good shot at goal.

In the end, this is close. Given that Rapids have a home field advantage, which works itself out to about a goal of advantage... Ill say the Rapids win this one 2-1 or 1-0. This is going to hang upon two things: Can the Rapids finish the chances they create? And can the defense prevent good chances from being created?

Ill see you guys at the tailgate!!!

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