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Benjamin Kowalsky
Sep 2nd 2010

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Good Evening, my fans.

You may find it strange that I am saying "Good Evening" when clearly I am writing this in the morning. Allow me to offer a panacea to your confusion: I have found that my writings look best in the soft light of the fading Colorado sun. Thus, if you are reading this in the afternoon, or perhaps even over your breakfast, you would do well to stop immediately and wait until the time is right. For my words require time to ripen in your mind.

This week, your favorite player (me) has been training for his weekend battle against a team called Chivas USA. If my extensive knowledge of the Spanish language doesnt fail me (and it never does), their name means "Goats", thus named for their ability to kick. Believe me, when one has been kicked by a goat, as I have, one realizes the severity of the challenge. You will all be happy to note that I have been preparing both physically and mentally for this challenge.

In addition to vigorous team practices, I have also begun re-reading Soren Kierkegaards Journals, a monument in the history of European thought. It was truly a treat for me, as it gave me the opportunity to brush the dust off of my Danish (which has become, regretfully, rusty).

Last weeks game was a magnificent moment to be me. Most moments are, but in particular, did anyone see my graceful skip over an incoming defender (whose name will be lost in the pages of history, Im sure) to take one of the greatest shots in the history of Football? Granted, the shot did not go in, and I have penned another essay in my series on "Why the Universe Hates Me". However, all was not lost, as the deflected shot went straight to the head of my team-mate and fellow Book-Club Member Conor Casey.

I would like to credit Pat Onstad with his incredible assistance in that matter. I could not have accomplished that feat without him.

That was a bit of "trash-talk" as they say.

Incidentally, Conor has yet to attend a single meeting of my Book-Club. While I am not bitter, I would like to take this opportunity to advertise that we are reading Nietzsches "Beyond Good and Evil" and Julien Baudet (Ive been told) is going to bring some fantastic melting cheese for dipping. Youre missing out, Conor. And the door to the Rapids Book-Club only stays open for so long.

And not to belabor the point, but when someone says "OK Mehdi, that sounds cool. Id love to check out your Book-Club sometime. Give me a call," I think its rather rude to give me a false number.

Ah, but I digress. I hope to see all my fans at the match on Saturday. EXCELSIOR!!!

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