The Playoff Picture!
The Rapids continue the strong home form with a convincing demolition of the Revolution
Benjamin Kowalsky
Sep 19th 2010

I hate playoffs.

I just want to throw that out there. I hate them. Im a Single Table man, and thats the end of the story. Arguments for a Dual-Table plus Playoffs system in American Soccer run the gamut from "PLAYOFFS ARE DAMN AMERICAN DAMMIT" to shit thats even dumber than that. (timezones/weather)

You know what else is American? Cheerleaders. T-Shirt guns. Gaudy mascots. Commercials every five fucking seconds. None of the above mentioned things belong on a Soccer Pitch.

Except... Maybe a T-Shirt gun. I could be down with an awesome T-Shirt gun. But certainly not Playoffs. You want a Playoff? Start putting the US Open Cup on TV. Now THATS a Playoff. Every club in the USA with a ball, two nets, and a dream gets to play. Single elimination. You want Playoffs? Watch that. And then shut up.

All that being said and out of the way: The DSG has been a good place to be a Bulldog for the last month.

But let us be under no illusions here: Colorado is beating teams that should be well and soundly beaten. The results against the likes of Chivas and Revolution are fantastic. If we continue with another double-win over DC United, then go on to trounce Philadelphia, we are good for a playoff spot. What we really should hope for is that we stay in the top four in the West, which would put us in the top 6 overall. Which is nothing to sneeze at. This would give us a more advantageous position in the playoffs, but thats almost immaterial at this point. A playoff spot is a playoff spot, and if last season taught us anything, its that a team that sneaks into that last spot still has a chance of winning the whole thing.

But we should remember: these are teams that we SHOULD be beating. Both at home and away. To drop any points at this juncture would be a shame and jeopardize our run up the table. And while our Rapids make their dash, two teams in particular should be very worrying at this point: the Seattle Sounders, and the San Jose Earthquakes.

Seattle absolutely demolished the Columbus Crew last night. 4-0. In Columbus house. That win should have sent shockwaves. Game on, Seattle. Seattle looked to be having a sophomore slump, but now they are speeding down Victory Road. On motorcycles. Blindingly green motorcycles.

San Jose is quietly creeping up the table with a recent run of good form. I say quietly because while they have been getting results, they arent particularly spectacular results. Not 4-0 results. Not demolishing one of the most successful franchises in MLS in its own house results. Just... results. And results against particularly good teams (LA comes to mind). But theyre doing it quietly. They havent won by a margin of more than 1 for a few months now. But still, if they keep up their sneaky run, they may just be the ones who snatch that last spot from the Rapids.

I dont know who Im more worried about. Certainly no one in the Eastern Conference. The two teams who are going to the Post-Season have already punched their tickets: Columbus and RBNY. In the West, it looks like RSL, LA Galaxy, and FC Dallas (WHO KNEW?!?) are all set for a possible trip to BMO field. Rapids are going to need to claw hand over hand to get that last spot. They cant afford, at this point, to drop more points.

The team I worry the most about, I suppose, would have to be the Rapids.

The Front Office has made some fantastic (and for me: fantastically heartbreaking) trades. Brian Mullan looked fantastic in his debut. And Mac Kandji...well, not AS good as Mullan, but still made a very decent assist to give Wells Thopmson an excuse to remove his shirt and show everyone how awesome he thinks Jesus is.

I worked on that last sentence for a while, by the way. Other options under consideration were: "Wells channeled his inner Chastain..." or "Wells wanted to show everyone his cool new undershirt; however, some jerk vandalized it. I think his name was John. And apparently he time stamped it at 3:16."

Jokes aside. I was made very confident by these two additions. And also from the level of play on the field. Were coming off of three convincing home wins. As I said, we are beating the teams that we ought to beat. The Rapids right now have to start pulling upsets. Horrifying upsets. 4-0 Blaise NKufo hat trick type upsets.

Theres only one place that I know of that is the most perfect place to start pulling that kind of a horrifying upset. The kind of upset wherein millions of voices cry out in terror and then are suddenly silenced:


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