Presidents Statement
A call to all BSG members from our leader.
Jon Forget
Oct 22nd 2010

Hello my faithful friends and Colorado Rapids supporters. It has been quite some time since I have sent any correspondence to our group, but if ever there was a time to reach out to our membership, it is now. The BSG has taken leaps and bounds since our humble inception this past January, and we have developed into quite a formidable force in support of our hometown club and the game of football in the United States. We have been there for our club, standing, drinking, singing, and chanting, for every minute of every match this season. The amount of fun and camaraderie we have shared together and our support for the Club has been tremendous, and this is only our first season. Now it is time to reap the benefits of the foundation we have laid, and push forward so that we continue to reach new heights. Our membership has grown to over 200 as the season has progressed, but I am well aware that we rarely see many of you on our bus trips / tailgates or on the Terrace supporting the team. That is why I am addressing the group today, to ask our membership to mobilize for these final two home matches.

Tomorrow we face Salt Lake at home in our final regular season game (details here), and the Rocky Mountain Cup is up for grabs! As you may or may not know the BSG took a trip to Salt Lake about a month ago. We were loud, organized, and formidable, and as a result we really got under the skin of the RSL supporters. Needless to say we have provoked a response, as we are expecting around three hundred of their faithful to descend on DSG Park tomorrow night. The atmosphere will be absolutely tremendous, and the BSG must have a strong showing.I know we all have busy lives, but if you are a BSG member now is the time to make your presence felt! We are asking all of you that can, to attend this all important Derby match, wear your colors, and be prepared to be in full voice. As always we will be tailgating, and we have arranged for two bus departures (3:30pm & 4:30pm) to accommodate the large number of BSG members and their friends attending this match. If you cant ride the bus, join us at the stadium and on the Terrace (we can arrange tickets - just RSVP to This is our time, and we must support our team as they continue to build momentum towards the playoffs. Be there, and help us to defend DSG Park from this return invasion of RSL supporters!

Next week we will be hosting our first playoff match in four years, and the first ever at DSG Park. Every member of our group should plan on attending, as this will be the most important game of the 2010 Campaign. We are more than likely going to face the New York Red Bulls or the L.A. Galaxy, and this game will be nationally televised. We have been tasked by Jeff Plush, the Rapids General Manager, to fill the Terrace with as many Colorado Supporters as possible. We must all try and bring at least one other person (if not more), to join the BSG in supporting our team. The BSG has created a unique style and experience for people that love football to enjoy their game, and we have stood behind our team on their quest for glory all season long! Lets make this the most memorable experience of our season, by giving it everything weve got, and filling the Terrace to support the Colorado Rapids!

Glory, Glory Colorado!


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