Presidents Call to Arms
The Seattle game will be massive - we would like an extra special effort for people to attend!
Jon Forget
Apr 20th 2011
    Friday night is a huge opportunity for the BSG, and the Rapids to have a great showing as the featured match on National TV.  As most of you know, our club is hosting a pre game party at the Bulldog, and bus trip to the match.  Im calling on all of our members to make their best effort to attend this match.  Besides the National coverage (a great chance to show who we are, and how we support our club), this will be Coors Lights first match as the official Terrace sponsor.  You will begin to see their involvement right away, as they have plans to add extra tables, umbrellas, beer stations, etc. to the Terrace.  If we as a group begin to achieve sellouts for the Terrace game after game, the money will be spent to upgrade the Terrace to a proper concrete tiered seating arrangement.  This goal will not be achievable without the members of our group making their best efforts to attend the matches, and participate in adding to the atmosphere by standing, singing, tifo displays and chanting.  So I am calling on you, as passionate football supporters, to make the extra effort to be part of this important Friday night fixture.  Our Rapids have suffered two defeats on the road, and they need our support more than ever to get back on track as one of the Leagues elite clubs.  We (the BSG) have done everything possible to make it easy and fun for our members to attend matches, including online reservations, buses to and from the match, a pre and post game party, and a terrific group of knowledgeable fans to experience the game with.  Now we need all of you to step up, take pride in your supporters group and our hometown team, and make your presence felt. Nothing would make me happier than to see some new faces (and some old ones) in support, so get off the bench and get stuck in, the time is now!
Tickets are available at the Bulldog for only $15, or can be reserved online by following this link:
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