A Sad Day in Colorado
Im going to make this short and bitter.
Benjamin Kowalsky
Apr 23rd 2011

Photo: Garrett Ellwood / Colorado Rapids

I did not have a good time last night. And it wasnt necessarily because the Rapids lost, because I think that the Rapids played very well despite being down a man for 87 minutes of the game. Less clinical in front of goal than I would have liked, but thats how the game goes. You win some, and you lose some.

I liked how the Rapids attacked the game in the closing minutes. I saw Drew going up and almost acting as a third forward at times. It was guts, it was pace, it was power. But it wasnt enough to win the day. And thats all I want to say about that,

I heard the tackle before I saw it.

I was standing by my faithful Bobbies when it happened. There was a sickening crack and a scream. We didnt see what happened, just a crowd of players tussling and medical staff. Richard (Terry) turned to me and said "Brian just got ejected."

"For what?" I asked.

"Dont know," Richard replied. Then someone behind me shouted, "He shattered his leg. Mullan just shattered Zakuanis leg."

As that news spread through the terraces, the chanting and the taunting began to die. For decencys sake, DSG decided not to show a replay of the tackle.

After watching a replay of it myself, and knowing Brian Mullan as I do... It was a hard and reckless tackle, made in frustration, that may have cost a bright young footballer his career. It was an unfortunate accident that happens all around the world in this sport and in all sports.

The most I can say, as a fan, is that Im sorry for what happened. And the injury really took over the game itself. I dont think many people will remember the 10-man stand Colorado made against the Sounders, nor will they remember the heroic attempt to dig out that equalizer in the dying minutes.

People are only going to remember this game as the game where Steve Zakuani had his leg broken by Brian Mullan. Thats just facts. Its sad that the game has to be remembered for that, rather than for the performance. But thats what happens, and its no more and no less than what we reap.

I, and all the Bobbies, wish Steve Zakuani a speedy recovery. Hes a bright young player, and I wish him the best.

And we know that there are a lot of angry Sounders fans out there. My message to them is that while I understand their anger: this is something that happens in sports. It rains on the just and the unjust alike. Brian Mullan, nor any of the other players on the Rapids want to see something like that happen.

And speaking for the fans, neither do any of we. We love this game, and we hate it when players have something like this happen to them. But its sport. And I think we all recognize that.

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