World Football Update - Sep 13th 2011
UEFA Champions League & the Rugby World Cup at the bars...
Jon Forget
Sep 13th 2011


    It is Champions League Tuesday at both the Bulldog and the Three Lions, with a 12:45pm kickoff time for all the UEFA CL Fixtures.  Highlight matches of the afternoon include Barcelona hosting AC Milan, Chelsea facing B. Leverkusen, and Arsenal taking on Borussia Dortmund.  This is the first day of the European version of the Champions League, and all the clubs in action will be eager to get off to a good start.   The evening sees a couple great games from our regional version of the tournament (CONCACAF Champions League), as the L.A. Galaxy travels to Mexico to face Morelia, and our Colorado Rapids host Santos Laguna at DSG.  This is Colorados toughest opponent in the group stage, and a win here would be a massive step towards winning the group.  Santos is expected to bring a massive amount of support, so it is all the more important we make our way out to Dicks to stand behind our team tonight!  The BSG will be running shuttles to the match from both Pubs, and Class VI/Pid Army will be hosting a supporters tailgate in the West VIP lot prior to the match. Departure info and reservations can be made online at .  


     Wednesday is another massive Champions League day, with Manchester United, Man City, Bayern Munchen, and Real Madrid all kicking off their campaigns.  With lunch specials at both pubs, this looks to be another great football afternoon, should you be able to escape from work of course.  The evening sees an MLS fixture, and more CONCACAF Champions League, with both Dallas and Seattle facing off against their respective opponents.  Late Wednesday night (early Thursday morning) the USA Rugby team takes on Russia in their second match of the Rugby World Cup.  A decent performance against Ireland leaves the Stars and Stripes hopeful for their first win of the tournament.  Both pubs will be staying open late for this one, and serving some spicy fare for any one that comes down to enjoy the match.  Thursday and Friday finish the mid week portion of our football schedule with loads of Europa League play, and a Friday night MLS fixture.











Rugby World Cup:  Once every four years the major rugby nations face off to decide the World Champion.  The tournament starts Friday night (9/9) and culminates Sunday (10/23).  Many of the games will be televised in the middle of the night, as the tournament is taking place half way across the world in New Zealand.  If you have interest in watching a match after hours at the Bulldog or Three Lions, please let myself or Wendi know.  All major USA or England matches with a 2:30am kickoff we will be staying open for.  We, of course, will not be able to serve alcohol during these games; however, we will have curries available (and plenty of coffee).  Please see our Rugby schedule listed above for match times this week.
Premiership Fantasy Leagues: This year both the Bulldog and the Three Lions will be hosting Fantasy Football for the Premiership, and there is no better way to learn about the different players and teams in the EPL than playing the game.  The 2011/12 version of the game is set up, and ready for you to create your squad ( go to this link to create your team  Once you are logged in create your squad, and then go to join leagues.  The code to join the British Bulldog 2011/12 Fantasy Challenge is 541808-145005.  The code to join the Three Lions 2011/12 Fantasy Football League is 541808-145016. 
Championship Fantasy League:  Championship football kicks off on August 5th, be sure to join the British Bulldog Championship Fantasy League before then.  There is no better way to learn the players and get into watching another great football league then playing the Fantasy game!  Follow this link: and type in the code below.
 Name: British Bulldog Championship Fantasy League
 League PIN: 3113
Bulldog Supporters Group:  Do you love futbol, beer, tailgates, bus trips, singing songs and chants, and supporting your team with other knowledgeable fans?  If you said yes to any of these questions then the BSG is your club.  Passionate about World Football, and improving the atmosphere at Dicks Sporting Goods Park, I encourage you to get involved!                        
2011 Formula 1 Grand Prix:  If you love F1, then do yourself a favor and go see Senna the documentary while you have a chance (at the Esquire).  Formula 1 is the ultimate in sports car racing, and the Bulldog is proud to host fans of the Worlds greatest racing series.  The series returns to action with the Singapore Grand Prix on Sunday September 25th.  Sebastien Vettel has dominated this season, and could potentially wrap up the title with a win.  In addition the Bulldog has created a Fantasy Formula 1 League for the discerning fan:  follow this link to create your team, and type in the league name and password to join our private mini-league.  ( )
The league name is: British Bulldog F1 Challenge
The password is: poleposition
British Bulldog Queries and Info:  contact Wendi Reed at
Three Lions Queries and Info:  contact Jon Forget at

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