The COSC Feed - Mar 19th 2012
Rapids Week Two Match Report
Paul Merrit
Mar 19th 2012

Photo: Colorado Rapids

Paulchecks in with the BSG from Brussels, Belgium with a proper reason why thisweek’s match report may be a day or two late.  He’s getting pissed in a bar inEurope too, which is reason enough for me to let him have the time. 



Is itokay to call you Don right?  Soccer is the new hip sport here in America, so Iwould imagine you would be alright with that if you want to be considered thecool dad in the American sports culture.    

Thiswas supposed to be an article about east coast bias and attendance and all thathappy bullshit and the like, challenging the slurp job I read on Mlssoccer.comabout how the Union didn’t deserve to lose, the truth of the matter is, however,that the facts of the match don’t exactly back up that argument.  We wereoutshot, out passed, out possessed, and basically out everything’d with theexception of “duels won” (Whatever the fuck that means) and goals.  Good thingfor us that points are the ultimate delimiting factor aren’t they?  


NormallyI would be the first person to throw these stats out the window and focus onthings like extended run of possession, quality of the attack, and all that…but your ludicrous blackout rules in conjunction with my current location (Brussels)put a swift halt to those hopes as well…  What is this screen all about?


I guess what I am getting at here is I didn’t see the fucking match, due to thefollowing;


- I amin Belgium working to defend your right to

- Ilove beer



What isthat all about?  How do you grow a game when you won’t let anyone not currentlyresiding on the continent it’s played on to see it?  You do realize that socceris a great form of cardiovascular exercise and appeals to many of our men andwomen stationed abroad serving our armed forces right?  What are they supposedto do?  I mean I’m here on personal business and my days in camouflage havecome and gone but still… I don’t see this working out for you going forward. 


Yoursin truth… as always,



P.S.  Istill think the match recap is garbage and look forward to backing up thatopinion with insight at some point...assuming of course that I can find it towatch it.

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