The COSC Feed - Mar 23rd 2012
Three things to think about headed into NYRB this weekend
Paul Merrit
Mar 23rd 2012

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**Author�sNote **

I wrote this post while listening to Outkast�s 1996(ish) masterpiece, �ATLiens�� a true classic and one of the best rap albums ever produced. I could write myentire life and one more after and never come up with something as creative,influential and relevant.


2-0-0...This is starting to look familiar isn�t it? Or maybe not I suppose if youreally think about it. Last year we beat Portland at home in their first ever MLSmatch and ambushed the fuck out of a D.C. United team that might actuallystink. Remembering back on it half of us were still convinced that Caleb Folanwas something other than a rancid, 3-day old corpse who runs about as often asPaula Dean� and we all know how that turned out.

Thisyear is a little different though. Hanging on and beating Philly on 10 men inChester is quite an accomplishment in my opinion, even though I am still on theChips side of the Chips / French Fries line and have yet to actually see thematch to give and accurate account. I know we got outshot, I know Pablo isexhibiting concussion like symptoms again, I know the Ginger Ninja went postaland got himself sent away for a match against NYRB that isn�t going to be easy,and from what I could see on the highlight package my boy Marvell looked like aferret on crystal meth on that first link up that Mawanga didn�t finish. Otherthan all that though, I can�t provide any commentary as to how we played.

Nowthat we know where my head�s at, let�s go ahead and throw out three talking pointsleading into our match against the cows�.

Ifyou had March 24th for our first Wells Thompson start, please comeforward so I can punch you in the face � FUCK. Seeing as Rivero is stillhaving visa issues and we are probably going to need Pablo (If he plays) to sitback in front of the D and steady that ship, we might be seeing Wells Thompson startthis weekend. I�m writing this on the tube headed toward central London, sounfortunately guttural screams of rage and hysterical sobbing fits are out ofthe question. This leads me to�

Papi�sfirst real challenge � Everyone can bring the heat when all of their best legsare available, ours aren�t. It�s going to be interesting to see what Oscardoes in the lineup and who he trusts and doesn�t trust going forward.

Enjoyit while it lasts � We should get at least 3 points out of this and the Fireon April Fool�s day� after that the season starts. RSL, Galaxy, and Floundersover the next month will show us who we are as a team.

See youguys when I get home!


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