The Terrace Experience
A blog about why the north end of DSG Park truly is the best
David Wegner
Apr 16th 2012
The Terrace Experience

Thereare several things in my humble opinion that elevate soccer to a special placethat transcend other sports in this country.† Now I am not trying to disparagethe other sports that many of us love and enjoy, rather I would like toreiterate to those who already know and explain to those that donít one of themore profound aspects of making this truly the beautiful game.


Beginningin the unpredictable Colorado spring and running all the way through the warmIndian summers, which I can assume is one of the many reasons so many of usmake this place home, there is a pulse and an energy emanating from CommerceCity.† Yes, that Commerce City.† At least seventeen times a year, our boys, theColorado Rapids kick off at our own world class stadium, Dicks Sporting GoodsPark to challenge any MLS visitor that comes knocking.† When that first whistleblows you will find me and hundreds of others taking aim at the other team anddevoutly supporting ours from a little place many of us know as the Terrace.


Why doI capitalize Terrace?† Respectfully, the Terrace has earned that right.† It isthe heartbeat of the stadium, the pulse and lifeblood of each game.† You alwayshear Rapids players mention how much the fans in the Terrace mean somethingjust a little bit more to them. It is where friends and strangers come togetherto support a team and a sport in a manner that is unique amongst all othersports.† We donít buy our tickets as a down payment on results sitting andwaiting to cheer for an event after it happens, or if it ever happens. No, we stand.† We stand the whole 90 minutes. We stand, we cheer, we sing, we yell.†The drums lend a beat, the flags and banners emit our spirit, our songs support our lads in burgundy and blue and most importantly we stand in solidarity with all the others in the Terrace and for those who wear the Rapids crest on their jerseys.† Without resolve we do this throughout and always will. In soccer the bases are always loaded, the last second jumper is always the play on the court and the pointy ball is always on the goal line.† There is no wait until this happens approach on the Terrace or in soccer. Ever! There is constant pressureand an ever evolving beauty in soccer.† This is the pulse and heartbeat that you find in Commerce City, yes that Commerce City.


Andwhen the great things do come, and by God they always will with our ColoradoRapids, the Terrace on the North end at Dicks will erupt with a frenziedexcitement!† The standing feet leave the ground, hugs are shared between everyone,confetti comes down upon us all and the cannons blast out a shock wave straightto your heart!† The small things in life are the ones that we remember and wecherish them like the arrival of a first born, a second chance at living, andbeing in the moment that is.† As a collective standing mightily in the Terracewe celebrate the small moments with an unwavering passion, like when QuincyAmarikwas 89th minute blast soared into the top corner of the net in theseason opener against Columbus. This is what the Terrace experience will alwaysbe about, passion!


Yetresults arenít required and arent always expected.† They are embraced andlusted for without a doubt, but they are not what make us Supporters. That isthe difference between a fan and a Supporter. We are burgundy through andthrough, good times and bad.† For those that have been to the Terrace beforeyou know this or have at least caught glimpses of what I am talking about.† Forthose that havenít, I can assure you that you are missing out on somethingtruly special.† Whether you stand with the Bulldogs, and I am a Bulldogthroughout, or you stand with Pid Army, just come down and stand.† Lendyourself to the effort and let go of those inhibitions that other sports haveimposed on you.† Come down and find out for yourself why this is called ďthebeautiful gameĒ. I assure you that in between the all of the striking goals,the penalty shots, the missed calls and mayhem that ensues that everyone in theTerrace will be welcoming and wondering why you hadnt come down sooner!

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