The COSC Feed - Apr 17th 2012
Rapids Week Six Match Report
Paul Merrit
Apr 17th 2012



Perplayer ratings are hard as Hell to write, and let’s be honest with ourselveshere… I’m not convinced I know what I’m talking about any way.  For the timebeing I will be sticking to three or four observations and pointing outperformances that stood out to me instead of trying to grade the whole team.   


Okay sohere’s the deal… any guy can personally attest to the fact that a lot ofcharacter deficiencies can be overlooked if the subject in question is dominantin bed.  So she snatched your car keys out of the ignition going 70 down thefreeway because you breezed past her favorite Cranberries song?  WHO CARES!!!!!SHE’S PHENOMENAL IN THE SACK!  It’s a pretty universal theme, mainly for tworeasons…


A. The average dude isn’t Brad Pitt caliber and therefore can’t afford to send away a mate who they matchup horizontally with in frequency and quality.

B. When you’re scoring easy and often, everything else just seems to fall into place, and it’s easier to look past the crummy things in your day to day existence.

Footyis the exact same way… when we were tapping the rock around easy as you pleaseagainst Chicago and Columbus the little things like being crap-tastic on setpieces and being called offside 311 different times (all figures approximate)didn’t really matter.  Now though?  She’s in floor length PJs and reading oneof the Twilight books for the 15th fucking time by 8:30.


If youmissed the match this week you didn’t exactly miss much.  The Rapids lookedpretty anemic offensively and on more than one occasion fell back to the ole“hoof and chase” routine, where we randomly blast the rock 30 yards or moredown the field in a fashion you could call “yearning”.  We’re a long way fromthe silky smooth 2-0 beat downs we handed out against CLB and CHI, and I thinkI know why…


Thelearning curve is starting to show, especially without Pablo in there – Mastroeni was theone hold over from last year that looked confident and comfortable in thisoffense.    Everyone else is having trouble making the adjustments necessary toplay a ground based, possession oriented style attack.  If this were trafficcourt or something I would call into evidence the Ninja’s no show against RSLand his hideous passing performance this weekend in Seattle as well as Mullan hustlinglike crazy, but just looking LOST up on the wing.  I don’t really want to turnthis into an old versus new thing, because to be honest we’ve gotten nothingout of Zapata 6 games in, but the truth of the matter is the learning curvewe’d all anticipated is hitting the old guard the hardest.


Oldhabits die hard –Think about how different of a team we are when we are comfortable.  Think backto all those nasty little 1 -2’s we played against Columbus and how we dominatedpossession against Chicago and eventually just wore them out.  Now think of allthe long searching balls we played against RSL and Sounders, how we didn’t takethe easy passes and work forward in unison, how every run looked 5 steps toolong and all the easy looks disappeared.  I think the difference between thetwo is a difference in confidence.  When the Burgundy Boyz had easy possessionand leads their confidence in the system showed in their commitment to it.  Asthings got harder, possession became more of a commodity and everything wasmore of a chore and confidence in the system waned (especially in the playerswho established themselves under Smith’s 4-4-2) and we lost a lot of theoffensive identity we established early in the year as a result.


ConnorCasey could be the answer here – We had a decent amount of the ball againstSounders, but it seemed like we just didn’t know which direction to go in oncewe got the ball into space on the attacking third.  If the Rapid’s #9 is on thefield, there’s no question of where the ball goes next on the counter or theset piece.  I had him penciled in as a super sub or something like that when hecomes back, but he might be the presence we need in the attacking third to freeup some space and win a couple of those hoof jobs we are falling back in lovewith.  Stranger things have happened.


That’sall for this week kiddos… It didn’t really fit in anywhere, but the truth ofthe matter is Matt Pickens turned in an amazing performance this week.  No oneon this continent was stopping the one he let in, and he denied Montero morethan once.  I’m not exactly the president of Trick or Treat’s fan club, buttruth is he was a bright spot this week in an otherwise dismal performance.


Whereare my car keys?



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