World Football Update
Jon Forget
Dec 24th 2013
World Football Update
Feature Matches
Every EPL team is in action for Boxing Day (26th), and then again on the weekend. Highlight matches include Manchester City v Liverpool, Newcastle v Arsenal, and Chelsea v Liverpool!
This Week's Football
Thursday December 26th
Hull City v Manchester United 5:45am (EPL)
Aston Villa v Crystal Palace 8am (EPL)
West Ham v Arsenal 8am (EPL)
Cardiff v Southampton 8am (EPL)
Chelsea v Swansea 8am (EPL)
Everton v Sunderland 8am (EPL)
Newcastle v Stoke 8am (EPL)
Norwich v Fulham 8am (EPL)
Tottenham v West Brom 8am (EPL)
Manchester City v Liverpool 10:30am (EPL)
Saturday December 28th
West Ham v West Brom 5:45am (EPL)
Aston Villa v Swansea 8am (EPL)
Hull City v Fulham 8am (EPL)
Manchester City v Crystal Palace 8am (EPL)
Norwich v Manchester United 8am (EPL)
Cardiff v Sunderland 10:30am (EPL)
Sunday December 29th
Everton v Southampton 6:30am (EPL)
Newcastle v Arsenal 6:30am (EPL)
Chelsea v Liverpool 9am (EPL)
Tottenham v Stoke City 9am (EPL)
Raiders v Broncos 2:25pm (NFL)
Wednesday January 1st
Swansea v Manchester City 5:45am (EPL)
Arsenal v Cardiff 8am (EPL)
Crystal Palace v Norwich 8am (EPL)
Fulham v West Ham 8am (EPL)
Liverpool v Hull City 8am (EPL)
Southampton v Chelsea 8am (EPL)
Stoke v Everton 8am (EPL)
Sunderland v Aston Villa 8am (EPL)
West Brom v Newcastle 8am (EPL)
Manchester United v Tottenham 10:30am (EPL)
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