World Football Update
Jon Forget
Nov 10th 2014
World Football Update
Feature Matches

Highlight matches this week include the last Quarterfinal MLS Playoff match between Seattleand Dallas.  The winner will face Los Angeles in the Western Conference Semifinals next week.  In the East the New York Red Bulls take on New England for a spot in the Final.

International Friendlies take center stage, beginning Wednesday afternoon, and extending into the weekend.  Highlights include Netherlands v Mexico Wednesday afternoon,Uruguay v Costa Rica Thursday, and the USA against Colombia on Friday.  Euro 2016 Qualification matches are taking place this week as well, with England v Slovenia featuring Saturday, and Belgium v Wales headlining Sunday.

On the Horizon

Next week the USA face Ireland on Tuesday afternoon, while England battles Scotland.  Our highlight match of the weekend pits Arsenal against Manchester United in the EPL.  Sunday afternoon we have the Milan Derby, with AC Milan facing Inter.  The MLS Playoffs continue, with the Conference Finals!
This Week's Football

Monday November 10th
Seattle v Dallas 8:30pm (MLS Playoffs Leg 2)
Tuesday November 11th
Islanders v Avalanche 5pm (NHL)
Wednesday November 12th
Turkey v Brazil 11:30am (International Friendly)
Netherlands v Mexico 12:30pm (International Friendly)
Belgium v Iceland 12:30pm (International Friendly)
Argentina v Croatia 12:45pm (International Friendly)
Thursday November 13th
Uruguay v Costa Rica 4pm (International Friendly)
Rangers v Avs 5pm (NHL)
Friday November 14th
Georgia v Poland 10am (Euro 2016 Qualifying)
USA v Colombia 12:45pm (International Friendly)
Germany v Gibraltar 12:45pm (Euro 2016 Qualifying)
Portugal v Armenia 12:45pm (Euro 2016 Qualifying)
Serbia v Denmark 12:45pm (Euro 2016 Qualifying)
Saturday November 15th
England v Slovenia 10am (Euro 2016 Qualifying)
Austria v Russia 10am (Euro 2016 Qualifying)
Luxembourg v Ukraine 10am (Euro 2016 Qualifying)
Spain v Belarus 12:45pm (Euro 2016 Qualifying)
Switzerland v Lithuania 12:45pm (Euro 2016 Qualifying)
Devils v Avs 5pm (NHL)
Sunday November 16th
Netherlands v Latvia 10am (Euro 2016 Qualifying)
Belgium v Wales 10am (Euro 2016 Qualifying)
Broncos @ St. Louis 11am (NFL)
Italy v Croatia 12:45pm (Euro 2016 Qualifying)
Israel v Bosnia 12:45pm (Euro 2016 Qualifying)
Czech R. v Iceland 12:45pm (Euro 2016 Qualifying)
Turkey v Kazakhstan 12:45pm (Euro 2016 Qualifying)
Tuesday November 18th
Belarus v Mexico 10am (International Friendly)
Austria v Brazil 11am (International Friendly)
France v Sweden 12pm (International Friendly)
USA v Ireland 12:30pm (International Friendly)
Argentina v Portugal 12:45pm (International Friendly)
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