World Football Update
Jon Forget
Oct 6th 2015
World Football Update

Feature Matches

We have a big week for United States Soccer on tap. First up, the USA U-23's are in town for an Olympic Qualifier versus Panama, needing only a point to clinch the top spot in their group. The match is out at DSG tonight with kickoff at 7:30pm. The USMNT have what is arguably their biggest match since the World Cup, as they face Mexico at the Rose Bowl for a spot in the 2017 Confederations Cup! Over ninety thousand fans are expected to be on hand for this Saturday night prime time clash between the two rivals! Pregame match coverage begins at 6pm, with kickoff set for 7:30pm! Join the American Outlaws at the Bulldog & Three Lions in support of the Stars & Stripes Saturday night!

The Rugby World Cup is in it's final week of Group Stage play. The USA face South Africa Wednesday morning, before finishing their tournament Sunday against Japan! Friday we have a Pacific Island classic between New Zealand and Tonga, and witnessing the Haka before this one will be worth the price of admission in and of itself! Rugby highlights over the weekend include Australia v Wales Saturday morning, and France v Ireland Sunday morning!

Euro 2016 and World Cup Qualifiers in South America take center stage for the rest of the week, and in to early next week. The first big matches fall Thursday at lunchtime, with Ireland battling Germany, and Scotland taking on Poland. These are Group D battles, and all these teams are still in the fight to qualify! Thursday afternoon we feature WCQ's from South America, as Colombia face Peru, and Chile take on Brazil! The Colorado Rapids have their last home match of the 2015 season on Saturday, and to make things interesting Didier Drogba will be in town to light up DSG. The USMNT have a Friendly against our old friends Costa Rica next Tuesday afternoon, followed by plenty of WCQ action from South America!

On the Horizon

Next week the MLS Playoff race heats up, as teams fight to remain alive in the quest for the MLS Cup! Tottenham battle Liverpool in the EPL Saturday morning, and we have the Rugby World Cup Quarterfinals on Saturday and Sunday morning!

This Week's Football

Tuesday October 6th
Canada v Romania 9:45am (RWC)
Fiji v Uruguay 1pm (RWC)
Canada v Cuba 5pm (Olympic Qualifier)
USA v Panama 7:30pm (Olympic Qualifier)

Wednesday October 7th
South Africa v USA 9:45am (RWC)
Namibia v Georgia 1pm (RWC)
Costa Rica v Haiti 5pm (Olympic Qualifier)
NYRB v Montreal 5:30pm (MLS)
Mexico v Honduras 7:30pm (Olympic Qualifier)
Vancouver v Dallas 8pm (MLS)

Thursday October 8th
Ireland v Germany 12:45pm (Euro 2016)
Scotland v Poland 12:45pm (Euro 2016)
Portugal v Denmark 12:45pm (Euro 2016)
Romania v Finland 12:45pm (Euro 2016)
Colombia v Peru 2:30pm (WCQ)
Chile v Brazil 5:30pm (WCQ)
Argentina v Ecuador 6pm (WCQ)
TNF 6:30pm (NFL)

Friday October 9th
England v Estonia 12:45pm (Euro 2016)
Spain v Luxembourg 12:45pm (Euro 2016)
Leichtenstein v Sweden 12:45pm (Euro 2016)
New Zealand v Tonga 1pm (RWC)

Saturday October 10th
Samoa v Scotland 7:30am (RWC)
Australia v Wales 9:45am (RWC)
Norway v Malta 10am (Euro 2016)
Kazakhstan v Netherlands 10am (Euro 2016)
Azerbaijan v Italy 10am (Euro 2016)
Czech R. v Turkey 12:45pm (Euro 2016)
Bosnia v Wales 12:45pm (Euro 2016)
Israel v Cyprus 12:45pm (Euro 2016)
England v Uruguay 1pm (RWC)
Colorado v Montreal 4pm (MLS Home Game)
USA v Mexico 7:30pm (Confederations Cup Qualifier)

Sunday October 11th
Italy v Romania 7:30am (RWC)
France v Ireland 9:45am (RWC)
Russian Grand Prix 10am (F1 Replay)
Serbia v Portugal 10am (Euro 2016)
Greece v Hungary 10am (Euro 2016)
Finland v N. Ireland 10am (Euro 2016)
Germany v Georgia 12:45pm (Euro 2016)
Gibraltar v Scotland 12:45pm (Euro 2016)
Poland v Ireland 12:45pm (Euro 2016)
Denmark v France 12:45pm (International Friendly)
USA v Japan 1pm (RWC)
Broncos v Raiders 2:25pm (NFL)

Monday October 12th
Lithuania v England 12:45pm (Euro 2016)
Ukraine v Spain 12:45pm (Euro 2016)

Tuesday October 13th
Netherlands v Czech R. 12:45pm (Euro 2016)
Turkey v Iceland 12:45pm (Euro 2016)
Belgium v Israel 12:45pm (Euro 2016)
Italy v Norway 12:45pm (Euro 2016)
USA v Costa Rica 4:30pm (International Friendly)
Uruguay v Colombia 5pm (WCQ)
Paraguay v Argentina 7pm (WCQ)
Brazil v Venezuela 7pm (WCQ)
Mexico v Panama 8pm (International Friendly)
Peru v Chile 8:15pm (WCQ)
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