World Football Update
Jon Forget
Dec 22nd 2015
World Football Update
Feature Matches
What is Boxing Day? Boxing Day falls December 26th, and was started in the UK during the Middle Ages, some 800 years ago! It was originally the day when the alms box, collection boxes for the poor usually kept in churches, were traditionally opened and the contents distributed to the poor and needy. As time progressed it became the day that servants, who would of course have to work on Christmas, would celebrate the Christmas Holiday with their families. Often times receiving a gift, or Christmas Box, from their employer containing gifts, bonuses, and sometimes leftover food. In modern times Boxing Day has become a National Bank Holiday in the UK, and is known for being one of the best days in English Premier League Football, with all twenty Clubs in action on the day! Join us Saturday December 26th, as we celebrate Boxing Day with ten EPL matches featured at the Pub! The first match kicks off at 5:45am, and the last match of the day will be at 12:45pm!

No matter what your faith, upbringing, or beliefs, we wish you a heartfelt Happy Holiday during this season of love, and hope you can stop in and celebrate our love for World Football on the 26th!
On the Horizon
The football keeps on coming, fast and furious, as we have EPL and Championship matches throughout the coming week. This includes a full Matchday for the EPL on December 28th, starting at 8am! La Liga returns to action December 30th, while Bundesliga and Serie A are still on break. The transfer window opens January 1st, and of course there are plenty of rumours swirling as teams try to fortify their squads!
This Week's Football
Saturday December 26th
Stoke v Manchester United 5:45am (EPL)
Liverpool v Leicester City 8am (EPL)
Chelsea v Watford 8am (EPL)
Aston Villa v West Ham 8am (EPL)
Manchester City v Sunderland 8am (EPL)
Tottenham v Norwich 8am (EPL)
Bournemouth v Crystal Palace 8am (EPL)
Swansea v West Brom 8am (EPL)
Wolves v Reading 10:15am (Championship)
Newcastle v Everton 10:30am (EPL)
Southampton v Arsenal 12:45pm (EPL)

Sunday December 27th
Nottingham Forest v Leeds 9:30am (Championship)

Monday December 28th
Everton v Stoke 8am (EPL)
Watford v Tottenham 8am (EPL)
Crystal Palace v Swansea 8am (EPL)
Norwich v Aston Villa 8am (EPL)
West Brom v Newcastle 8am (EPL)
Reading v Brentford 8am (Championship)
Middlesborough v Sheffield Wednesday 10:15am (Championship)
Manchester United v Chelsea 10:30am (EPL)
Arsenal v Bournemouth 10:30am (EPL)
West Ham v Southampton 10:30am (EPL)
Broncos v Bengals 6:30pm (MNF)

Tuesday December 29th
Leicester City v Manchester City 12:45pm (EPL)
Leeds v Derby 12:45pm (EPL)

Wednesday December 30th
Real Madrid v Real Sociedad 8am (La Liga)
Rayo Vallecano v Atletico Madrid 10:15am (La Liga)
Barcelona v Real Betis 12:30pm (La Liga)
Sunderland v Liverpool 12:45pm (EPL)

Friday January 1st
Brighton & Hove Albion v Wolverhampton 8am (Championship)
You can see all the games at Denver's best two football bars:
Three Lions
2239 East Colfax Ave

GM: Jon Forget
British Bulldog Pub
2052 Stout St

GM: Ian Forget
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