Named for the flagship store at Arsenal's Emirates Stadium in London, the Armoury, a new 'old-world' pub is be a magnet for soccer fans in LoDo by day.

CISO offers shuttle service from the Armoury for every Rapids home game & there is a viewing party for every Rapids & USA away game.

Supporters Specials

Available during games & at many other times for football supporters:

$3 16oz Coors Light ($4 20oz)
$3 16oz Blue Moon ($4 20oz)
$4 16oz Pilsner Urquell ($5 20oz)
$3 Fireball
$3 Rumple Minze
$4 Jameson
$4 Tullamore Dew

Specials change all the time & supporters are advised to ask the bartender what they are.
More information: Email Brad Beale
No upcoming events.

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