Rapids Shuttle
Rapids Shuttle

The Rapids Shuttle supporters party bus is THE way to get to Colorado Rapids home matches - we promise that once you've come to a game with us, you wont want to drive to a game again! We provide quick, easy and convenient service from multiple locations in downtown Denver.

Taking the Shuttle is also one of the smartest decisions you can make as it means you can relax at the game with that extra drink as you wont be driving. The Shuttle also gets priority in and of DSG Park so whiles others are stuck in a jam, you can fly by the traffic after the game!


In order to guarantee a place on the Shuttle, please reserve in advance through the reservations page on this site. Simply select the desired game to reserve.

If you need to change your reservation, please email info@coloradosupporters.com.

Tickets are sold on the day subject to availability after all advance reservations have been accommodated. Unless a specific time is stated, reservations are valid on any departure for a particular matchday.

Departure & Check In

To board the Shuttle you need one of the following:

- A printed reservation confirmation from our website.
- A smartphone with your reservation confirmation displayed on the screen.
- A boarding pass.
- A valid wristband.

If you do not have one of the above or need to make same day changes to your reservation, please arrive at least 30 minutes before departure so we can take care of you. We always aim to depart on time and don't usually wait for latecomers!

Outbound Trip

Included in the price is a complimentary beer or soft drink for all passengers. Our Shuttle captains will use the outbound trip to give out any relevant information about the day and teach newcomers the Rapids songs & chants!

Return Trip

The Shuttle will depart DSG Park from Season Ticket Members Lot A which is outside Gates A or B (by the east side of the stadium) 15 minutes after the end of the game. Please check the signs on the front of the bus or ask the captain to ensure the vehicle you are on goes to your desired drop off point.

As part of our commitment to reduce instances of drink driving, we offer one-way bus rides from DSG Park post game for $5. These are subject to space being available.

Do you drop off near the supporters tailgate?

Yes - we drop off in Season Ticket Members Lot A, which is right by the Stout Street Bulldogs Tailgate located in between Lots A & B (directly across from Gate B on the east side of the stadium).

Can you deal with large groups of supporters?

While we can generally accommodate small groups who show up on the day, if you an organizer of a large (30+ people) group please contact us in advance so we can make any necessary arrangements.

Can I bring my own food & drink on the bus?

Yes - as long as you clear up after yourself! There may also be certain situations were we can't have alcohol in the passenger cabin on the bus, the captain will advise and arrange for it to be carried underneath.

Are all fans welcome?

You do not need to be a CISO account holder to ride the Shuttle. CISO does not condone violence in any shape or form. If you are here to support your team, the MLS & USA soccer in general you will be made to feel welcome.

Can visiting supporters ride the Shuttle?

Yes - we have created a specific offer for supporters of visiting teams. It can be read here.

More information: Email CISO
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