New Supporters Terrace Arrangements
Streamers & confetti banned from Rapids v Columbus Home Play-off (1st Leg)
Oct 28th 2010

As many of you are no doubt aware, there were a number of objects including plastic beer cups thrown at players from the west side of the supporters terrace as they left the field after Saturday nights game against Real Salt Lake. It is currently known that two people were involved. One has been identified & is now potentially facing a lengthy ban from DSG Park.

At present we or the Rapids do not believe any BSG members were involved. However this does not absolve us of responsibility to help identify & guide the behavior of the people who choose to violate the Supporters Terrace Rules & Regulations & the MLS Fan Code of Conduct.

Whilst the last five minutes of the game & the actions of some of the Salt Lake players as they left the field may be seen as a contributory factor in Saturdays events, we should not have to tell you that this kind of tinderbox situation will never be seen as an excuse. (As an aside the players involved have been reported to the league & we are waiting to see if action will be taken).

In addition, several streamers were thrown from both sides of the terrace onto the field of play on Saturday night during a corner & a goal kick which interferred with the game. Some streamers were even directed at players, rather than being sent up in the air. The rules are clear that these may only be thrown straight up in times of celebration, basically only immediately after a goal is scored.

It should be no secret that there are people within the MLS league who are either against or would not care if the supporters terrace was replaced with seating. The Front Office have put an incredible amount of time & effort into providing the area because they share our desire for passion & atmosphere at Rapids games. The fact that they are prepared to work through problems & literally fight for our corner of the stadium shows their genuine commitment to the fans.

Tonights game is extremely high profile & will be televised on ESPN. Stan Kroenke & MLS commissioner Don Garber will be in attendance. We are on the national stage & the Front Office simply cannot afford to have any similar incidents to Saturday night.

With this in mind, an amendment to the regulations will be made that prohibits the throwing of objects of any kind. Sadly this does include confetti & streamers which will not be allowed into the stadium. The thinking behind this is that the rules are simple to understand & can be explained in one sentence. This is currently definite for tonights game only & the Front Office are keeping an open mind about what will be allowed at games in the future.

Security will be increased tonight however the Rapids have promised to put the extra people in the background & make more effective use of the cameras rather than have a massive visible presence. One thing to note is that the Commerce City Police are more likely to get involved should something be thrown, having taken a back seat to the Rapids own security up until now. The throwing of projectiles violates Commerce City laws & anyone doing so may be subject to criminal action in addition to almost certainly being ejected from the stadium. Just in case you are wondering, streamers & confetti will be considered as projectiles tonight. We do not recommend you try & find out whether this holds up in court.

The gap between the supporters & the players walkway will be increased tonight to around 20ft. This may look weird however the capo stands will be moved as well. Again the Front Office are keeping an open mind about whether these changes are here to stay.

It should be said that the Rapids also accept that there much to be learnt on their side as regards continuous improvement to security & terrace arrangements. They are not simply sitting back & letting the supporters take 100% of the responsibility for the situation we are in.

Tonights game has all the ingredients to be a classic night at DSG Park. We have a full bus, plenty of beer & we will still be loud & proud, streamers or no streamers.

Obviously the BSG has far more information than can be written in one webpage, so please feel free to email Richard Bamber if you have any more questions.

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