Supporters Terrace Security Meeting Roundup
New terrace structures, permitted items & security policy discussed at key preseason meeting
Feb 24th 2011

Representatives from the BSG & other supporters groups met with the Rapids on Wednesday February 23rd to discuss the terraces & some of the issues with its operation on matchdays. This was a meeting that we have been calling for almost ever since the Rapids lifted the MLS Cup in November & forms an important part of our preseason preparations. The meeting was well attended & as well as the supporters, members of staff from the Rapids front office, stadium operations & Argus Security also took part.

The terrace layout & arrangements will stay the same from the end of 2010, with the 20ft gaps retained & the players passing through the middle of the terrace. Consultation to create a long term plan for the area is ongoing & fans can still contribute their views here.

Confetti will be allowed in the terrace, provided it is thrown straight up in the air ‘at times of celebration’. This basically means immediately after a Rapids goal is scored, not at goal kicks, free kicks or corners. Streamers will be banned from all parts of the stadium.

Also outlawed throughout the stadium are horns of any kind, including vuvuzelas. The only exception to this will be bullhorns & megaphones, which will be allowed on the terrace capo stands only.

The Rapids have also agreed to accommodate a same day check-in of flags, banners, drums etc. for the terrace. The advance check in time has yet to be agreed but is expected to be between 1 & 3 hours before the game & when the stadium is not yet open to the public. The reason we will not simply be allowed to march in 20-30mins before kick-off with them is that these items are currently permitted in the terraces only & the march route passes through the rest of the stadium.

Mindful of growing pressure from other supporters groups in the league, the Rapids have agreed to allow visiting fans to bring in flags, banners & drums through Gate A. This gate will become the entrance & exit for visiting supporters use as they will now be accommodated in Sections 100 & 101 in the north east of the stadium. As is customary in Europe, the visiting support situation will be assessed on a game by game basis & appropriate measures such as sterile areas of seats to separate home & visiting fans will be implemented.

Because visiting supporters will primarily be using Gate A, the BSG Shuttle buses will now pick up after the game on East 59th Place near to the tailgate lot. In a reversal of the marching route in, fans riding the buses back to the Bulldog should leave via Gate F in the south west corner of the stadium.

One of the biggest new concepts being pushed this season will be that of supporter self policing & working in partnership with security. The BSG leadership is fully committed to this & thus will be taking the issue very seriously . The aim is to create a group mentality & culture that strongly discourages violation of the rules & shows people how they can have great time in the terraces without causing trouble. The whole terrace community suffers when individuals repeatedly break the rules, whether they are in a supporters group or not. For the good of the group it is up to everyone to discourage this sort of behavior at source & to assist security in whatever manner is appropriate in dealing with those who choose to spoil the experience for everyone.

The Rapids have agreed that good relationship between fans & security is key to this & as such, will be encouraging much closer working relationships this season. The BSG will therefore be encouraging fans to get to know the matchday security staff as they are often the same individuals on the terrace throughout the season. It should be pointed out that a greeting & a handshake costs nothing for people who are there for your safety & wellbeing.

The BSG urges all fans to familiarize themselves with the Supporters Terrace Rules & Regulations & the MLS Fan Code of Conduct before the season starts. Everyone is excited to see the first home game of the season, but we would hate to see somebody’s day ruined because they did not understand the type of behavior fans are expected to exhibit at the Park.

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