2011 T-Shirts & Scarves Available
All new merchandize from the BSG just in!
May 12th 2011

We are pleased to reveal the 2011 t-shirts & scarves which are now available.

The 2011 BSG T-Shirt costs $10 & features an all new BSG logo design, complete with the MLS cup & star. The back features a quote from Robert Paul, "In football, the greatest satisfaction is winning when they say you cant". BSG Shuttle season ticket holders will recieve the T-shirt for free as part of that package.

The 2011 BSG scarf is made by Adidas & features a joint BSG & Rapids design allowing fans to show their support for both organizations at the same time. It is avaialble for $15.

The T-shirt & scarf will be available from Friday May 13th. Checks are accepted, payable to "Bulldog Supporters Group".

There are 2 ways to purchase:

- Online through the BSG Online Store.
- From the British Bulldog, 2052 Stout Street. Please come by & simply pay the bar staff.

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