Introducing the 'Three Lions'!
New soocer bar to open for the BSG on Colfax & York
Jun 22nd 2011
Introducing the 'Three Lions'!

Denver's newest soccer bar, the 'Three Lions - A World Football Pub' will throw open its doors later this summer as proof that soccer is well & truly growing in Colorado. The BSG has been fully involved in the bar's development & we look forward to the great games & events which will undoubtedly happen in the future.

The Three Lions will be a partnership between Jon Forget, the current British Bulldog general manager, and the ownership of Little Pub Company. The concept will be different than anything LPC has done in the past, hence the creation of an entirely new company (Three Lions Holdings) with a concentration on marrying the Worlds game with the atmosphere and style of a classic European pub. A supporter of the game for all his life, Jon can be credited with taking the soccer bar & supporters scene to another level in Denver with what he has achieved with the Bulldog & as the BSG's club president. Combined with LPC's expertise in running bars, we have every expectation that the Three Lions will become one of the very best places to watch soccer in Colorado.

The Three Lions will be modeled on a traditional English (London style) pub & will replicate an atmosphere common to the nation that gave soccer as we know it to the world. It will feature zones where multiple games can be shown with sound, an English style 'public bar' games area, plus full 'lounge' dining areas. The building features an upstairs area with its own bar which can be opened up for the biggest games & events to take the total capacity to in excess of 500 people. This coupled with the existing capacity at the Bulldog will mean that the BSG will have access to event space holding over 750 people in downtown Denver alone.

Why is this happening?

Ever since the Rapids embarked on their MLS Play-off campaign last November we have been acutely aware that we have been outgrowing our current home, the British Bulldog. The club membership passed 600 people in the last week, meaning that not even half the membership have to turn up for a given event to cause serious problems with capacity. Recent big games such as the UEFA Champions League Final have only reinforced this view. The Bulldog has been a catalyst for support of the game here in Denver, and the Three Lions is the next logical step in terms of honoring the sport we love. The additional space, and the sister bar partnership, will allow our club to continue to grow in support of the game.

Will the BSG completely move to the Three Lions?

We will be organizing viewing parties & running the BSG Shuttle buses plus holding all the other activities from the both the Three Lions & the Bulldog.

The BSG will retain the Bulldog as its official HQ for the time being. A decision will be taken later on whether to move to the Three Lions after we have reviewed the organizations needs & which bar it can be most effectively run from.

Will the BSG Shuttle to home games continue to run from both bars or just one?

We plan to provide matchday buses from both bars & any other venue that we believe supporters will want to travel from.

Now that it will not be solely operating out of the British Bulldog, will the BSG be renamed?

No. The Bulldog Supporters Group brand was created as an independent identity to the British Bulldog with a completely different logo & colors. We point to companies like Southwest Airlines who have long since expanded outside their original market but have retained their original name as it is well known & also explains some of the organization´┐Żs history. The BSG will proudly maintain its heritage and connection to Denvers first soccer pub, the British Bulldog.

What will happen to the British Bulldog?

There will be virtually no change. The British Bulldog will continue operating as Denvers original soccer bar, including opening early for weekend games & allowing supporters to display their items on the walls. We will continue to hold viewing parties there for every Rapids away game & supporters will still be able to purchase merchandize & find out about BSG events there.

To improve the viewing experience, the Bulldog will also receive some interior attention this summer, in particular to the floor & bar area before the new European football season starts in August.

Who will be the new manager of the Bulldog?

BSG member Wendi Reed will be stepping up to become General Manager. Wendi has worked at the Bulldog for just over a year now & has demonstrated time & time again her passion & knowledge for the game. She has supported BSG activities entirely for the past year & because of this, we wish Wendi the best of luck in her new role & look forward to working with her going forward.

Can I see the new place?

Soon, it is currently under renovation in the space where the 'Old Bank', an American sports bar, used to be (Colfax & York). If you have ever been to the Bank we must warn you that when it reopens as the Three Lions, the look and feel will be very different! A complete renovation is taking place, offering Denvers Soccer fans a premier venue to watch their sport. The Pub will be an homage to the game, in addition to acting as a premier viewing venue.

So what happens now?

Wendi will start as Bulldog general manager on June 26th & Jon Forget will leave the Bulldog totally on July 6th to work on the opening of the new bar. The Three Lions is expected to open in late July, before the European football season kicks off in earnest.

Thank You!

The people who love and support the game are responsible for the expansion of the football pub idea here in Denver, so a heart felt thanks is in order to all of you that are so passionate about World Football! Well be looking forward to tipping back the first pint with you at the Three Lions & seeing seeing you down the British Bulldog in the near future!

If you would like more information:
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