Twiga Stars: Tanzania’s Soccer Sisters
Tickets only $10 from Three Lions
Mar 5th 2012
Twiga Stars: Tanzania’s Soccer Sisters

The Bulldog Supporters Group in conjunction with the Denver Film Society is participating in a showing of Twiga Stars: Tanzania’s Soccer Sisters this Thursday at 4pm. The movie, which is the story of Tanzania’s Women’s National Football team and their struggle to make the Women’s World Cup, is being screened as part of the Women in Film Festival that is taking place this week.

The screening will take place at the Denver Film Societies Theater, located at 2510 East Colfax in the Lowenstein Theater complex. The film will be followed by a live Skype with the director from Tanzania, and then drinks and discussion at Three Lions. Tickets are only $10 and a limited number are available. If you are interested in attending please RSVP to as soon as possible.

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