4th July Game Sold Out
Your options explained for those who still need a ticket
Jul 4th 2012
4th July Game Sold Out

The BSG & the Rapids are sold out of terrace tickets for tonight’s game. For those looking for a ticket, there are 3 options you can try:

1. Visit our merch table at the tailgate just after the final shuttles arrive around 6pm. There may be a few ‘no shows’ from the passengers booked & any remaining tickets will be sold for $20 / ticket.

2. Visit our merch table at the tailgate at 7pm when all remaining tickets not picked up will be sold off at $20 / ticket.

3. Call Lindsey Nielson on 303-727-3723 to purchase standing room only tickets on the stadium bowl. These are $20.

Please note that if you do not show up for your allotted Shuttle, your tickets will be given up unless you email us at info@bulldogsupporters.com or text us on 303-803-3898 to advise that you still need them. Please also contact us using these details if you know of anybody who has a ticket reserved & can no longer make it, this helps us to ensure that we can resell the ticket to a fellow supporters.

Many thanks & see you tonight!

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