Going Big For The World Cup
British Bulldog & Three Lions plans revealed
May 27th 2014
Going Big For The World Cup
After successful applications to the city, Denver’s two best soccer bars, the British Bulldog & the Three Lions are continuing their preparation for the upcoming World Cup. It’s now been confirmed that throughout the tournament, which runs from Thu Jun 12th to Sun Jun 13th, the British Bulldog will have the parking lane right outside the bar closed with a beer garden located on the sidewalk. The area will be fenced off & will feature TVs, an outside bar & a tent for shade.

The Three Lions will also get its first ever license extension with a beer garden, complete with outside bar & TVs, being located on the grassed sidewalk on York Street, which runs by the side of the pub. The area will extend a little way into the parking lot & additional restroom facilities will be provided.

For the USA v Ghana game (Mon Jun 16th), the USA v Portugal game (Sat Jun 22nd), the quarterfinals (Fri Jul 4th – Sat Jul 5th) & the semifinals (Tue Jul 8th – Wed Jul 9th), Stout Street will also be closed between Broadway & 21st Street & the viewing area will be extended to the triangle of land directly opposite the Bulldog. A large 17ft screen will be placed in the triangle.

For the USA v Germany game (Thu 26th Jun) & the final (Sun Jul 13th), in addition to a similar Stout Street closure to above, 21st Street will also be closed between Broadway & California Street. A large 22ft screen will be placed on 21st Street in a similar arrangement to the 2010 final. This will be Denver’s biggest & best street party & you will not want to miss it!

As the bars are sure to be extremely busy, the management of the Bulldog & Three Lions are also calling on fans to do a little preparation before coming down for the matches to make things go as smoothly as possible. It is recommended that you arrive at least 2 hours before kick-off if you would like a table & at least 1 hour before if you want to get inside the bars. If you wish to eat, there will be a simplified World Cup menu in place, however it is recommended you order food well before the game starts or after it has finished. There will be more bartenders than servers working, so please get into the routine of ordering & collecting drinks at the bar if you can. Cash is naturally much quicker to process & is preferred. Please also remember to bring change to reward those hardworking staff for their efforts. Lastly, please remember that large events like this will only continue to happen if everyone remains positive & in control of themselves. Please act responsibly at all times & treat your fellow fans as you’d like to be treated yourself.

We hope you are as excited about the World Cup as we are, here’s hoping for a truly terrific festival of football!
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