Southwest Airlines
Southwest Airlines

CISO has selected Southwest Airlines as the recommended air carrier for away trips. Whilst we will allways check other airlines pricing before writing travel guides, should there be a situation where two or more airlines offer the same price on flights to the same airport at similar times, we will recommend you book with Southwest.

Why Southwest?

- Consistantly offers the lowest fares.
- Non-stop service from Denver to 14 MLS cities including Chicago, Kansas, LA, New York, Portland, Salt Lake, Seattle etc.
- 1 MLS city (Dallas) served by 1 stop from Denver.
- Flies to Buffalo & Seattle which provide by far the cheapest options for getting to Toronto & Vancouver respectively.
- Operates an all 737 fleet & not regional jets - this means a decent number of the cheapest tickets are always available on every flight.
- Open seating means that groups can easily sit together if travelling on different flight bookings.
- No change fees & fully flexible tickets (fare difference applies) meaning that you can can book even if not 100% sure you will be going on a trip.
- 2 free bags for every flight meaning that groups can carry equipment (for tailgates etc.) if necessary without charge. No other US airline offers this for the cheapest tickets.

SWABIZ Booking Tool

CISO has set up an account with Soutwest Airliness business travel service, SWABIZ ( SWABIZ allows trip organizers to keep track of Southwest flights booked & thus helps with the job of co-ordinating airport transfers & other travel arrangements at destination cities for BSG trips.The fares on are identical to those quoted on

1. To use SWABIZ, travellers must have a Southwest Account Number (Rapid Rewards Membership Number). If you are already a Southwest Airlines customer & a Rapid Rewards member who uses an account to book flights on the regular Southwest website, you do not need to create another account. To create an account, please click here & enter 99171892 in the Company ID box.

2. To book flights, travellers should go to and click on the Traveller Account Login link.Enter 99171892 in the Company ID box, your Account Number (Rapid Rewards Membership Number) & password.

3. Book flights in the usual manner.You will still accrue Rapid Rewards credits & be able to change / cancel your reservations as normal.


CISO will only be able to see schedule information for flights booked via SWABIZ & not the regular Southwest website. We will not be able to see things such as your Rapid Rewards flight credits, credit card details or other personal information.

SWABIZ should ONLY be used for booking travel to Rapids away games (i.e. to a city that the Rapids are playing in within 3 days of the game) or if travelling on official BSG business (e.g. supporters conferences).

For all other personal & leisure travel that is not CISO or Rapids related, please book via

More information: Email Richard Bamber
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